Alpha Dog Online works with you to define your business goals and objectives and develop an effective internet marketing strategy. We’re here to take your business to the next level; protecting your brand reputation, and keeping you ahead of the competition.  Alpha Dog Online is committed to providing our clients the best service in the industry. We make your life easier and let you get back to business. Call today and talk with one of our marketing experts!

Meet Your New Best Friends, The Alpha Pack.

Jeff Boe
Jeff BoeCEO - Canine Executive Officer
Oversee all operations, including customer acquisitions, account management, product development, market research, sales and marketing communications, customer engagement, sales strategies, vision and mission planning.
Bill Horvath
Bill HorvathWebsite Designer
For me, working = developing websites from start to finish, consulting with individuals and companies in a technical or supportive capacity and generally helping others succeed in their online endeavors.
Hanna Griffey
Hanna GriffeyMarketing Guru
Mystical guru creating captivating marketing campaigns that not only excite followers but make them wag their tails and howl like a dog!

We Thrive on Innovative Marketing

Marketing has changed a lot of the years, and while trends and themes will always be fairly consistent, true marketing prowess comes from being innovative and thinking outside of the box. At Alpha Dog we don’t run with the pack, we lead it.

We Are Creative

When you hire a team of marketers, you don’t just want someone to keep you on par with the competition; you need a team willing to surpass them with creative and engaging solutions that set you apart from the crowd.

We Have Intuition

Keeping up with trends is paramount to success in our line of work, but it’s even more imperative that as a marketer you learn to read what’s coming and adjust before competitors. That’s why we always remain proactive instead of reactive.

We Are Determined

Effort and dedication are what set Alpha Dog apart from the competition. In other words, the only way we can achieve our goals, is to first ensure that you reach yours. With end-to-end marketing solutions, there are no limits to what we’ll do to help you reach for the stars.

Tail Wags

We’re Here To Help Your Business Take A Bite Out Of The Competition!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Dog Determination

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