These days, the average consumer turns to the Internet for information. People no longer thumb through a phone book or an encyclopedia when they can simply punch their request into Google. Likewise, the methods of marketing one’s self have changed drastically, and merely buying up a small ad space in the newspaper isn’t going to get your name out to much of the general public. Fortunately, with so many people using social media, those same outlets are a fantastic way to promote your business, provided you take advantage of each of these popular sites’ specific features. And while Facebook, YouTube, etc. are great for these purposes, Twitter offers certain advantages you aren’t going to find elsewhere.

For starters, Twitter is very public. Anything you post, or “tweet”, goes out to the world. This can be enhanced by using “hashtags”, buzzwords that trace every tweet in the world using that same hashtag. If you’re running a business, your goal is to gain followers through informative tweets. At the same time, though, you need to approach this intelligently, and starting out is the hardest part due to not yet having a base of followers. This idea of starting from scratch is intimidating to many business owners, but there are certain techniques to help you build a strong following.

twitterlogoSocial media is a two-way street. You can use your LinkedIn to promote your Facebook page, your Tumblr to advertise your YouTube channel, and so on. If you have another website that you update frequently, post those updates to Twitter. People want new content from you. Even if you don’t have new content of your own, you can still share content with followers by tweeting other links, images, or videos relevant to your business. “Retweeting” is vital too. It’s the ability to show someone else’s tweet to any of your own followers. In exchange for promoting someone else, often they will do the same back for you and retweet you in return.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to engage with those people, whether they follow you or not. People can tweet you responses and questions, and they appreciate when you answer them kindly and quickly. This ensures that they continue following you, as a big following is pointless if they’re not actively using your services. But it’s also what makes Twitter stand out from the pack, as you can directly communicate with your customers one-on-one. This is much easier for both of you than waiting long periods for an email response, being on hold on the phone, or a Facebook reply that gets lost in the jumble of everyone else’s comments. Additionally, those responses being public will show those new to your page that you care about consumers, making following you all the more inviting.

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Jeff Boe
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