The Advantages of Marketing Your Business Through Twitter

These days, the average consumer turns to the Internet for information. People no longer thumb through a phone book or an encyclopedia when they can simply punch their request into Google. Likewise, the methods of marketing one’s self have changed drastically, and merely buying up a small ad space in the newspaper isn’t going to get your name out to much of the general public. Fortunately, with so many people using social media, those [...]

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Facebook Marketing – Getting Started

Despite social media’s increasing number of forms these days, Facebook remains the biggest behemoth. It is used by nearly everyone you know, no matter their age. Likewise, having a Facebook page for your business is basically a necessity these days, as while each social network will give you a variety of advantages, Facebook will provide you with your broadest demographic. However, because of Facebook’s enormous size these days, it becomes very easy for your [...]

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