Project Description

Project Brief

VCAS Pit Crew’s mission is to dispel myths about pit bull type dogs in our community. Creating a website that has the ability to accept donations, maintain current information, display a blog plus social media, host adoptable animals and more was a project that needed not only talent, but a company that cared about our message.

The Challenge

Creating a website that flowed, contains current information as well as displays our message was a big job. Including social media a blog and design features that are attractive adds to the work. However, add creating the ability to host adoptable dogs, accept donations and contain all of this seamlessly and our up hill battle is in front of us.

The Solution

Alpha Dog Online proved to be the right company for the job. Step by step they accomplished each aspect of what we envisioned. Taking personal care to understand our mission, offering suggestions on placement and links, plus providing patient tutorials on how to update the website. Completed in a 3 month period, this website is a center point for all of our services to the Community.

Design Samples by Where2Print

The Skills Needed To Produce An Effective Non-Profit Campaign

Qualified Sponsor

Finding a committed sponsor in a campaign is vital in jump starting your campaign

Campaign Strategy

Developing a strategy that is cohesive and can be implemented easily and effectively while staying  on target to maximize results.


The key to any successful relationship is understanding where each partner can utilize there strengths and work together to achieve a common goal.

Commitment To Excellence

Nothing less than 100 percent commitment is expected from every team member to maintain a level of excellence.

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

Before I moved in with my new family all they did was sit around, watch TV and play video games all day. They owe me big time…where’s my bone?
Bark bark…lick lick…feed me. I’m a good boy!