Facebook marketing is a huge platform for real estate agents to connect their target audience, increase influence, and capture fresh leads. With 49% of consumers liking Facebook Pages to support their favorite brands, you can leverage on this engagement by using Facebook strategies that will help grow your prospective homebuyer list and, ultimately, increase revenue. It’s a solid network that can catapult your lead results with a consistent strategy.

We’ve compiled four real ways how real estate agents can use Facebook to begin attracting homebuyer leads into your funnel. Browse through these tactics and consider how you can incorporate them into your overall marketing strategy.

#1 Give Expert Advice that Resonates with Your Audience

Sharing your value-rich content (like blog posts) on Facebook will position your brand as a credible source and through leader in the real estate industry.  By giving expert advice that solves problems, answers questions, and offers solutions, you’ll attract qualified prospects that will gladly stay in-tuned with your brand. The key, however, is having a clear understanding of who you’re marketing to so your content relates to their pains.

Establishing buyer personas is the best way to ensure your social media posts resonate with your intended audience.  Buyer personas provide detailed information regarding your ideal customer. It’s a clear picture of who they are, their obstacles and challenges, and their role in the buying decision, for example.  In fact, here’s what’s typically included when creating your personas:

  • Job description and responsibilities
  • Problems and concerns they’re experiencing
  • Pain Points
  • Their Typical Day
  • Most impressing questions regarding buying a home and the process
  • Keywords and phrases this persona is likely to use when searching online
  • Their content preferences (i.e. what content format engages them more, etc.)
  • Goals and objectives

The more developed and detailed these personas, the better and more effective your content strategy will be.  As you promote valuable content on Facebook, you will drive traffic to your website, increasing your chances of capturing quality leads.


#2 Images is a MUST!

Visuals like high-definition images, infographics, and videos are extremely relevant and effective to connecting with and captivating your audience on Facebook.  According to Hubspot, content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images.  Infographics are liked and shared 3 times more on social media than any other type of content.  Finally, 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide reveals video has the best ROI of all types of content.

Adding various types of images to your Facebook and overall marketing strategy will accelerate engagement with your audience. Think of common questions and answer them in an easy-to-read infographic. Use quality-rich images to promote new properties, to introduce your how-to blog post, or to share a funny meme (great way to humanize your brand).  Finally, create videos that goes into greater depth for complex topics.

Speaking of videos…

#3 Use Live-Stream Video with Facebook Live

Did you know that people spend 3 times longer watching a video which is live versus a video that is prerecorded? Including live-streaming videos in your marketing strategy significantly boosts responsiveness to your brand message, increases awareness, and expands influence.

Facebook Live is an amazing channel to achieving these goals.  You can leverage Live by expanding on a recent blog topic, responding to a relevant current event, taking them backstage to a home viewing, or hosting Q&A sessions to answer questions in real-time.

How do you generate leads?  Offer exclusive promotions or hot content offers like an eBook or a video series for attendees.  They can easily provide their email addresses in the comments to take advantage of your special deal.  Be sure to remind them to confirm the opt-in when they receive the initial email.


#4 Facebook Retargeting

Retargeting, or remarketing, is when you place a tracking code on your website which will then set a tracking snippet/cookie on the browser of those who actually visit your website.  This enables your ad content to “follow” your visitors wherever they go online.  Your brand message will stay top-of-mind even after people leave your site or after clicking on your ad.

This tactic is highly effective because not everyone who reads your content will opt-in on the first visit.  The more your audience sees your message, the more likely they are to respond later on.

Facebook retargeting is a simple and cost-efficient strategy to include in your marketing.  You can easily create custom audiences and tailor content specific to them for better engagement.  Keep this strategy constantly running to truly maximize traffic and attract qualified homebuyer leads.


Final Takeaway

With each tactic, it’s important to include a call-to-action (CTA) that tells your audience exactly what to do next.  It must be clear, specific, and to the point.  Failing to give a CTA can leave your viewers guessing on the next move…either causing them to take action, the wrong action, or not doing anything at all.  Provide the CTA on each and every piece of content you deliver on Facebook to increase lead conversions.

Implementing these techniques will help grow your prospective homebuyer list.  Commit to executing each into your Facebook marketing and you’ll experience better responsiveness with your content.

To Great Success,


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